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Art in the Stations


If you’ve ever been on Detroit’s People Mover and wondered about the artwork in the stations, you should check out this book.  This book explains the controversy surrounding the people mover, and the original plans for the stations, and what it eventually became.

To discover more about the brightly colored artwork in the People Mover Stations this book is a must with beautiful photographs taken by Balthazar Korab.


Detroit : 138 Square Miles


Julia Reyes Taubman has taken more than 30,000 photographs across the sprawled terrain of Detroit, ambitiously mapping out a comprehensive survey of a major American city. Reyes Taubman believes that when buildings and landscape are manipulated by nature and time they become more visually compelling than almost any architectural intervention. Reyes Taubman is not pessimistic, however: “It is not a disgrace but a privilege and an obligation to listen to the stories only ruins can tell,” she writes in regard to this project. “They tell us a lot about who we were, what we once valued most, and perhaps where we may be going.”

Detroit Revealed


A photographic documentation of Detroit, its people, and its diverse culture throughout the first decade of the twenty-first century, with of the photographs being taken between 2000 and 2010.

With stunning photographs of the city in its relatively current state, this book is a good look at the city during one of its most challenging periods and definitely worth a closer look.

Diego Rivera : The Detroit Industry Murals


From 1932-1933 Diego Rivera painted his largest and most complex paintings, and what he considered to be his finest paintings, on the walls of the DIA.  These murals portray the manufacturing process and the man power it took to create to assemble the automobile.

This book is the first time that these iconic murals have been shown in such detail, as well as photos of Rivera at work and historic photos of the Ford Motor Company River Rouge Plant.  If you are interested in these controversial murals, this in-depth book is the book for you.

The Buildings of Detroit : A History


Simply put, “”The Buildings of Detroit: A History”” is the definitive book of Detroit’s architectural history.

This meticulously researched reference volume is perfect for the architecture enthusiast, or anyone looking to expand their knowledge on the city.

The Guardian Building : Cathedral of Finance


Once known as the Union Trust Building, the Guardian Building was erected in the midst of Detroit’s greatest building boom and became the most recognizable and innovative structure of that time.

Discover all the extravagant details of the Guardian Building up close, from its multi-colored ceiling tiles in the lobby, to the expressive Gothic-inspired elements on the exterior, this book is the closest you can get without being there.