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Cuppow! Mason Jar Lid


The Cuppow! Mason Jar Lid is a unique product made to convert any standard sized mason jar into a traveling mug for your beverage of choice. It features an opening large enough to fit a straw if you so please. BPA Free.

Limited Edition Ball 100th Anniversary Purple Mason Jars (6 pack)


This year Ball is celebrating its 100th Anniversary and to celebrate they put out a vintage-inspired blue tinted mason jar with a period accurate embossed logo, putting a modern spin on the original Perfect Mason Jar first created in 1913 by the Ball brothers.

These limited edition blue mason jars are a must for any canning enthusiast, collector, or even for a unique twist on a drinking glass made from a mason jar.

Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker


The Mason Shaker is a one of a kind cocktail shaker made and produced by W&P Design. The idea came to them from their infatuation with vintage kitchenware and their unconventional talent for creating impromptu drinking tools. A unique addition to any kitchen, it is great for mixing and pouring drinks or enjoying a guzzle straight out of the jar.

Michigan Crest Mason Jar Leather Holdster


In search of the perfect drinking vessel? Well search no more!

The Holdster company, based out of Burlington, VT, has created the perfect anytime mug.  Good for any drink hot or cold,  a wide mouth mason with a durable leather sleeve and handle, the Holdster can be taken anywhere.  And if you can’t finish your drink, just reseal the jar and save it for later.

Here at the Detroit Mercantile Co. we have a special Holdster with the Michigan Crest imprinted into the leather sleeve, so you can show your Michigan pride with your morning coffee, in the sun with lemonade, or anywhere you go!